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What are the different types of bee hive frames for sale?
Beekeeping in this day and age, using beehive frames is easier for both beginners and experienced beekeepers. Beehive frames for sale vary in types and sizes and are suitable for all standard beehive box depths which give the honey bees a head start in their honey production process. The best bee frames make the maximum use of the available space within the hive.
Why should you get them?
Using beehive frames is better than leaving bees to build honeycomb attached to the hive. They make it easier to harvest honey and other beehive products of interest of the beekeeper when the time comes. They also help your honey bees when it comes to making honey by giving them a guide as to where to build comb.
The number of hive frames that will fit into the beehive box depends on whether it is an 8-frame or 10 frame bee hive. Both beginner and experienced beekeepers with a few home tools can easily put the frames together. One can use any of these best bee hive frames for sale to get best yield in beekeeping and make beehive management easy which eventually gives you good value for your investment.
The types of frames
Today, the main types of bee hive frames available for sale are either made out of wood or plastic and making beekeeping a breeze. The beekeepers using these hive frames are assured of quality due to strict and reliable quality assurance measures. These bee frames can be used with or without foundation.
What are the benefits of Wood Frames?
Bees take to wood frames easily. It is a natural material for them since they love wood in the beehive as it reflects their natural environment. One can build their own wood frames using available resources. Wood is used to make the outer parts of the frames so it can be repaired if damaged. Additionally, pieces of old frames can be used to make bee frames.
Wood does not warp or bend. Wood frames for beekeeping are efficient for they can be used with or without foundation. A huge bonus is that wood is eco-Friendly since it does little or no harm to the environment.

What are the benefits of Plastic Frames?
They are fully assembled which saves time. The plastic frames come with foundation installed on them. Wax is applied on the foundation to make bees readily accept the frames
Plastic frames generally last longer than wood frames giving it long life. The frames are also great at helping slow down infestations of burrowing pests of honey bees. Larvae of hive beetles and wax moths have a hard time burrowing through the plastic foundation on these frames. They also help in resisting damage by rodents and moth larvae.
These plastic frames are great for honey harvesting. The frames are made with a super strong ear design that keeps their shape over time. The frames give good cell depth for maximum yield of honey. These frames will fill beehive boxes and act as reserve frames in large apiaries.

Bee hive frames and foundation
Foundation is the material provided to bees on which they will build their comb. The use of foundation on beehive frames is common practice in beekeeping. The foundation used by beekeepers is either wax foundation or plastic foundation.
Some beekeepers opt to use plastic foundation coated with wax in their beekeeping Plastic foundation has a plastic core which is usually coated by a thin layer of beeswax. Black wax-coated plastic foundation used in wood or plastic frames makes them easily accepted by bees and allows the beekeeper to see brood activity well
The frames that come with plastic foundation coated with beeswax make the frames durable since they do not break during honey extraction.

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