MK 350 Terminator, Oxalic Acid Vaporizer, 1 yr wty

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October 29, 2021


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Don’t lose your hive(s) this year as the mite season is upon us, every day the mite population is growing and hives are moving toward collapse. If you treat your hives solely with oxalic acid vapor or as part of an integrated pest management strategy great! If you don’t, the MK 350 oxalic acid vaporizer is for you! Treat your hives quickly and easily with Oxalic Vapor through the MK 350. By following a carefully designed treatment program the MK 350 Terminator will rid your hives of 95-97% of all mites in your hives. With a mite kill like this you’ll never lose a hive to mites, incidences of various other sicknesses that bee suffer from will also disappear as mites are known carriers of these other sicknesses.

Treat a hive in less than 30 seconds or 20 hives in under 15 minutes. Think you can achieve productivity like that with a wand? All along the way ensuring the survival of your hives and a productive season.

Built in the USA using high quality engineered plastics, aluminum, and solid state electronics, the MK 350 Terminator was designed to withstand years of abuse while effectively controlling and terminating any varroa mites present in your hives. After its initial warm up cycle of 3 minutes the MK 350 can treat subsequent hives in less than 30 seconds.

In order to provide for a high degree of operator safety all major electrical components and connections are housed inside the MK 350’s plastic housing to prevent inadvertent electrical shock or component damage from exposure to water.

Unlike the overpriced imports or homemade units the MK 350 Terminator comes with a one year parts and labor warranty. For more details and a video of the MK 350 visit us at www.honeybcare.com


Ships throughout the United States and Canada

What others are saying:

I have used it twice. Much better than using the tray type of vaporizer. Thanks Much.
Gary Thomson, IL

The vaporizer works amazing!!! It’s a game changer for me considering I have over 20 hives and I’ve been using one of the wand type vaporizers which took FOREVER, and the bees were wayyyyy more upset with the wand than they are with your vaporizer. I also like the AR grip on your vaporizer!!! Lol. It’s a nice touch!!! Thank you for a wonderful time saving and hopefully HIVE SAVING product!!!
Kenny Magnolia, KY

A friend purchased this item for me, which works well, by the way.
Anyway, I lost the sheet that comes with it. Can you send me a copy?

Keith Location currently unknown



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