MK 130, Enforcer, Oxalic Acid Vaporizer

posted on 05/20/2022

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The MK 130, Enforcer has been developed to provide Beekeepers with an economic version of our Deluxe top of the line MK 350, Terminator. Developed with an eye on economy its’ ability to provide high quality vaporization treatments for killing varroa mites has not been lessened.

The digital micro processor system found in the MK 350 for automating its Oxalic Acid heating system has been replaced with an operator monitored and controlled heating system. The MK 130, Enforcer is equipped with a temperature sensing system with a digital display for quick and easy operator monitoring of the Oxalic Acid heating chamber during the vaporization cycle. To increase the desired temperature in the Oxalic Acid vaporation chamber the operator simply depresses the heater button switch and depresses the button a second time to stop the heating cycle once the desired temperature is reached.

The MK 130, Enforcer allows beekeepers to economically take full advantage of the benefits of Oxalic Acid, known and experienced by Canadian and European beeks for many years. Built in the USA using high quality engineered plastics, aluminum, and UA/CSA approved components. Like the MK 350, Terminator the MK 130 is designed to withstand years of abuse while effectively controlling and terminating any varroa mites present in your hives. After its initial warm up cycle the MK 130, Enforcer can treat subsequent hives quickly and easily.

In order to provide for a high degree of operator safety, all major electrical components and connections are housed inside the MK 130’s plastic housing to prevent inadvertent electrical shock or component damage from exposure to water. Additionally the MK 130 Enforcer comes with a one year parts and labor warranty.

The official launch day for the MK 130, Enforcer is 20 June 2022, on that day prelaunch orders will begin shipping. During the prelaunch period the MK 130, Enforcer can be purchased for $140.00 plus taxes & shipping. After the prelaunch period the MK 130 will revert to its regular price of $168.00 plus taxes & shipping.

To purchase us at www.honeybcare.com

With the MK 130 Enforcer there is no reason to lose your hive(s) this year, with the mite season is upon us, daily the mite population is growing and hives are moving toward collapse. If you treat your hives solely with oxalic acid vapor or as part of an integrated pest management strategy great! If you don’t, the MK 130 Oxalic Acid vaporizer is for you! Treat your hives quickly with oxalic vapor. By following a carefully designed treatment program the MK 130 Enforcer will rid your hives of 95-97% of all mites in your hives. With a mite kill like this you’ll never lose a hive to mites. Additionally incidences of various other sicknesses that bee suffer from will also disappear as mites are known carriers of these other sicknesses. Like the MK 350 the MK 130 provides beekeepers with the ability to quickly and easily treat hives with productivity levels not found with a wand.

Comes with 2 OA caps.

To purchase us at www.honeybcare.com

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