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Bee Hive Equipment- Boxes, Covers, 4 or 6 Way Pallets,Wood Frames, Nucs

  • California
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October 30, 2017


Seller - Bennett Apiaries Inc. Hive Equipment

Call: 5305265504

We are excited to offer 8 frame or 10 frame boxes with the new full top joint. This inset frame rest takes the weakest part of the box and finally makes it stronger! Please check out our products at or Text Tom at (530) 526-5504 for a quote. Some information and pictures can be seen on Facebook also, just look for Bennett Apiaries, Inc. Prices are subject to quantity and grade of box. We are happy to offer shipping included prices (to most zip codes) or pick up prices. We also have highly competitive prices on other hive equipment. Check Us Out!



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